Most companies know that there are traditionally four components to sales growth: customer retention, customer business growth, new customer development and new market development. But what might be new is Skyhawk’s approach to this strategy.

Our Quick-Start program targets the four traditional growth components with our unique approach. We use research (of our client) and communications to strengthen the bond between customer and supplier. In the research phase, we identify our client’s core competencies and capabilities. We then craft a custom communication program that reaches your customer’s key decision makers and other valuable contacts. This is particularly important in nurturing those customers who do not see a vendor representative on a regular basis, not to mention those customers who seldom, if ever, see a vendor representative.

By using our Quick-Start program, you can get your company’s message to your clients on a regular basis in multiple platforms.

The ultimate responsibility of customer retention rests with you. But we can provide a program to assist in your success.

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